New Patients

All patients at the surgery have a named accountable GP. If you do not know who your GP is then please ask the receptionist. All new patients registering will be allocated a named GP on registration. Your allocated named accountable GP will be responsible for your overall care.

How to register as a patient

Before registering as a patient at The Village Practice it is important to check that you live within the practice boundary, if you are unsure please telephone the surgery and the reception staff will be able to check this for you.
On completion of the registration form you will need to provide two forms of ID, one of which must be photo ID i.e. driving licence and or passport, and the other proof of address i.e. bank statement or utility bill.
All new patients registering with the practice will be invited to attend the surgery for a new patient medical. We feel strongly that this is an extremely valuable check-up as it can identify potential problems, introduces you to the practice and to the service we can offer you and your family. 

Boundary Map

You can check to make sure your location is within our boundary map, by clicking on the link below
View Boundary Map

Right of patient to express preference of practitioner and how to do so

On registering with the practice your usual doctor will be nominated. We prefer you to see your nominated doctor but it may be possible to see a different doctor on some occasions. Please ask reception for more details.

Medical Checks

All patients are entitled to a medical check with the Practice Nurse if they have not attended the surgery in the last three years. Patients aged 75 or over are entitled to medical checks annually if they have not attended the surgery within that period. 

Rights and responsibilities of patients including keeping an appointment 

Patients are entitled to:
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Absolute confidence. 
  • Expect Doctors and Nurses to begin surgeries at the appropriate time.  Any delay will be due to medical necessity or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Ten minute GP booked appointments (NHS average 8 minutes.)
  • Be offered a new patient medical on joining the practice
  • Have appropriate drugs and medicines prescribed and to have a clear explanation of any treatments proposed.
  • Be referred to a consultant acceptable to you when your GP feels is necessary and to be referred for a second opinion of both you and your GP agree this is desirable.
  • See your health records, subject to any limitation in the law. A fee may be charged to cover costs.
  • Be offered appropriate advice by the Primary Care Team regarding steps you may take to promote good health and avoid illness. E.g. smoking, exercise, diet and immunisations.
  • Expect that patients with urgent medical conditions will be given priority and will be seen as soon as possible, even when this will cause delay to booked appointments.
  • Be seen the same day should you have a medically urgent complaint.
  • Have any suggestions you may make to improve the service considered by the PPG (Patient Participation Group) by the Practice Manager and to be given a response.
  • Any written complaints will receive an acknowledgement between 2-10 days.
  • Be treated as an equal. In the same way as patients can chose their Doctor, the Doctors can reserve the right to accept or remove a patient from their list if the Doctor does not feel able to meet their responsibilities.   

The Practice has made certain undertakings to you

In return we expect you:

  • To be courteous to staff at all times- they are working under the doctors' orders in the best interests of all our patients.
  • To call between 8.00am and 10.00am where possible for house visits to ensure we can plan our day effectively to everyone's benefit.
  • To attend appointments on time or to give the practice adequate notice that you wish to cancel -lateness or non-attendance inconveniences other patients and wastes appointment times.
  • To make every effort to consult at the surgery to ensure the best use of medical times and nursing facilities- home visits should be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience.
  • To avoid 'shopping list' consultations. Priorities problems or book a longer appointment.   
  • To bring all relevant information to the surgery to make consultations as effective as possible.
  • When advised that repeat medications are due for review, to make an appointment to be seen routinely. To take good care of your repeat prescription slip.
  • To only make out of hours calls eg. evenings and weekends, if they are felt truly to be necessary. Patients are reminded that the Doctors work over 60 hours a week and the on-call GP will be working as usual the next day. To give a contact number if you call out of hours so that the doctor can ring back in order to decide the urgency of the call. Remember advice may be all that is necessary.
  • To inform us if you change you address or telephone number as we may need to contact you urgently.
  • If you are a new patient, to take advantage of our health check on joining to ensure that we can offer you the best possible care.
  • Actions to be taken against verbal/physical abusive patients
  • Patients who use verbal of physical abuse against any member of staff will be removed for the doctors list and in extreme cases criminal proceedings will be initiated.

Details of who has access to patients details/patients rights re disclosure

Everyone working for the NHS has a duty to keep information about you confidential. The main reasons for which your information is needed are:-
  • Giving you health care and treatment.
  • Looking after the health of the general public
  • Managing and planning for the NHS.