Friends and Family

The NHS Friends and Family Test is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the services that provide your care and treatment.

Your feedback will help NHS England to improve services for everyone.

NHS Englands patients and information directorate publishes the Friends and Family Data monthly.

The surgery publishes the information to the practice website and also in the practice.

Update January 2018

We have reviewed our Friends and Family feedback from 2017 and it confirms that patients who gave feedback  continue to report excellent friendly service with particular emphasis on easy access to appointments with a GP on a same or next day basis.

We are encouraging patients to register for online services and then appointments can be booked online as well as by contacting or visiting the surgery. Repeat medications can also be ordered via an online account.

This is especially good to hear when we have had various challenges this year including Computer change over, CQC Inspection and a GP Vacancy.

Missed appointments where people DNA (Do Not Attend ) without giving a reason continues to be an issue which we are continuing to address in the following ways.

Text reminders of appointments where people have opted in to text messages. Phoning patients that have appointments for 20 mins for disease monitoring such as asthma and sending people who continue to waste appointments a letter.

We display the amount of time wasted by patients not attending monthly in the surgery and hope that this will encourage people to let us know if they cannot attend as often appointments can be filled at short notice.


Friends and Family Information for the Practice:

You have been giving us feedback on your care and treatment.  You told us :

You wanted us to continue seeing you within 24hrs of you making the appointment.

We listened and this is what we have been doing :

To maintain our service we looked at patients who do not turn up for their appointments.  In 2014 we lost over 100 hours or Doctor/Nurse time because of this.

1.  We are now phoning patients with longer appointments to confirm the time the day before.

2.  Letters are sent to remind patients that they missed their appointments.

3.  The GPs are contacting patients who continually do not turn up.

We have analysed the missed appointments and found that those attending for asthma checks missed the most appointments, followed by patients coming in for the hypertension and NHS health checks.

Therefore we are concentrating our efforts on these group of patients.  All patients in this group are now being phoned 24 hours before their appointments to remind them of the times.

This will be monitored over the next 3 months to see if there is a significant difference to the number of non attenders.

Update February 2016

We have looked at missed appointments in July, August and September 2015 , and have found that asthma and hypertension reviews continue to have the largest amounts of missed appointments, followed by patients attending for new patient checks.

1. We will continue to contact patients with longer appointments to confirm their times.

2. We will be introducing a text message system that will automatically text patients who have signed up to the scheme to remind them.

3. The GPs will continue to speak to their patients who regularly miss their appointments.

This process will be reviewed in April 2016.

Update June 2016

The most time wasted through missed appointments were those patients coming for immunisations, closely followed by those patients booked for asthma reviews.

We are now able to remind patients that their appointments are due through our text messaging service. 

Please sign up for this service, it is important to us that we continue to provide you with good access to our services.

Update January 2017

Missed appointments continue to be a problem.  In 2016 86 hours of Doctor's and Nurse's time was lost, this equates to 516 lost appointments.

We are continuing with our text message reminders and phoning patients with longer appointments.